Purchasing Prints

Canvas Wrap Thanks for your interest in ordering from my site. If you have any questions about the purchasing procedure, hopefully this page will answer them. If not, you are always free to email me at brett@brettnickeson.com. The good news is that buying prints from a smugmug supported site is a breeze! As you may have already seen, in each gallery there is a "Add to Cart" button in each photo's lightbox. Once you are in the buy screen, just select a print size and paper type and you're on your way. If you need help deciding which paper type or product is right for you, click on THIS LINK for more information.

All of my prints are done through Bay Photo, a high quality professional photo lab that caters to many professionals so the quality is guaranteed. I'm also very meticulous with my image processing and, thus, have auto-color correction from Bay Photo disabled for my prints. This ensures that what you see on your monitor, provided it's at least halfway calibrated, is what you will get (plus it saves you a bit on money on the prints!).

Nearly all of the images on my site, sans panoramas, have the standard 2:3 aspect ratio. This means the prints are 2 units tall and 3 units wide for landscape orientation. Choosing a print size that does not have this ratio means that some of the image will have to be cropped out when you purchase it. Smugmug lets you control this during the buying process. However, if you'd like to keep the full image, which I'd recommend, you may buy the print in one of the several 2:3 aspect ratio print sizes I offer, such as 8x12, 12x18, 16x24, 24x36, etc.

For buyers wanting a wrapped canvas print, keep in mind that the wood backer boards are approximately 1 1/2" thick, so when you preview your crop when you buy, you are actually losing about 1 1/2" on each side of the image. To be more accurate, you are not losing the edge of the image, it is being wrapped around the side of the wood board and is not visible from the front. If you would like to see what a certain image would look like once it has been wrapped, feel free to email me and I will provide you with an image that shows what portion of the print will be wrapped. The link provided above also does a good job explaining how the canvas wrapping process will affect your print.

If you have any questions or requests at all, feel free to contact me at brett@brettnickeson.com. I want to take every step possible to ensure you are happy with your purchase. Thanks again for looking.
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