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My ambition for photography started when I was extremely young, but not as a photographer at all. I grew up in a family of outdoorsmen and often found myself observing nature not only as a simple spectator, but as someone who felt the acute desire to record and share some of the incredible things I was witnessing. As someone who couldn't draw or paint his way out of a wet paper bag, I naturally gravitated towards photography.

I casually took photos when I was younger, but didn't start a serious pursuit in the photographic world until late in college. By that point, digital photography was becoming quite common and I now had the means to pursue more ambitious goals and destinations. I started by primarily focusing on Wildlife, photographing in such incredible locations as Yellowstone National Park, the Grand Tetons, Colorado, and Alaska.

As time went on and my photographic skills increased, so did my desire to photograph Landscapes. Before long I was chasing the light, so to speak. The great American West had found a place in my heart and often found itself the focus (no pun intended) of my attention. Nowhere on earth is there such a diverse array of stunning scenes, from the mountains of Colorado and the Pacific Northwest, the deserts of the Southwest, and to the Pacific Coast. It is a landscape photographer's paradise. I've spent a vast majority of my time behind the camera the last several years shooting these locations, which you can see in several of my galleries. Don't worry, there are plenty more to come as well.

As my ambitions have grown, so have my subjects of interest. With the incredible improvement in technology has come the ability to photograph one of my passions: the night sky. More and more I find myself foregoing sleep and trekking out into the darkness to see what few can see. It is a true passion to be able to capture the night sky in all its glory; the Milky Way beaming over a sandstone arch or descending across a mountaintop. Unfortunately for many Americans, we now live in a society where most people have never been able to look up and see thousands of stars, their glimmer dimmed by the ever-spreading glow of light pollution. I strive to be able to show them what our ancestors likely gazed at every night, unobstructed by cities and modern life. You can find many of these photos in my Nightscapes gallery.

Another passion of mine is severe weather. I have always been fascinated by storms but it wasn't until about 2011 that I put two and two together to realize I had been missing out on photographing one of the most dynamic and awe-inspiring displays mother nature can produce. Since then I have been chasing storms much of the spring and summer, amassing tens of thousands of miles on the odometer and gathering as many spectacular displays of nature's fury as possible. You can find many of those photos as well as spaceweather photos in my Weather galleries.

But most of all, my love for photography rests in a deep-rooted interest of being able to share with others the incredible sights and experiences found in nature that they might otherwise miss or didn't even know exist. There's a certain refreshment that's found in the wilds (as long as a shower is also found at least every week or so), away from the busy day-to-day life that we've grown so accustomed to. I've developed a wanderlust for these experiences, and I hope some of my photos can encourage others to explore the world around them!

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